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SKYPE--Voice Over Internet Protocol

 SKYPE The tool is free. Download and explore!


--Examples of using Skype in the classroom

 In the Foreign Language Classroom:

 HISP305 (Oberlin College):  Spanish-language students  were paired with ESL students in Spanish speaking countries for language exchanges.  Here is an example of one such exchange

 Finding Skype partners for language learning:

The Mixxer

Learning Times Sign up (it is free) and post a request to one of the bulletin boards; look and see if others might be searching for English speakers

WebHeads in Action  hosted by the Wolrldbridges folks, this is an incredible network of ESL teachers from all over the world who experiment with technology as a means of providing accerssible, authentic language exchanges for their students


--Other uses and examples

 A fourth-grade classroom using Skype to connect to a sick classmate at home

 Wes Fryer's site (explanation of tools and tips)

 Ed Tech Classroom (a blog for K-12 ed tech folks)


YackPack --easy and free talk



 Webcasting  for Educators:


"Edtechtalk is a webcasting network of educators dedicated to helping those involved in educational technology  explore, discusss, and collaborate in its use.  Edtechtalk is part of EducationBridges, which is a division of Worldbridges."  Listen to and participate in their six shows.




 Other Options

Yugma, free web conferencing



Instant Messaging in Classrooms

metaspencer's blogpost about using IM in his classroom to communicate with students

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