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Using and Sharing Images

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Using and Sharing Images


By 2008, the projected sales of cameras will reach 1 billion-- "How is culture being transformed by the phenomenal growth of photography?"  Pedro Meyer zonezero.com


"The Western memory museum is now mostly a visual one"..."Pictures are less objects to be saved than messages to be diseeminated." Susan Sontag  in The New York Times



The range of resources for using images licensed through the Creative Commons is quite extraordinary--Students need not have access to cameras to do interesting visual work that develops critical and creative thinking, and visual and media literacies.


Google's Suite of Visual Tools--Astounding range and flexibilitty and ease of use


Flickr.com An image-sharing site where you can sort, group, tag, comment on, geo-tag and leave stickies on--all kinds of applications across the curriculum

Flickr Ideas: 

Flickr.edu A Flickr Group to share teaching ideas

"My Friend Flickr" An Edutopia article on Flickr in the Classroom

Alan Levine's Flickr Photo Highlighting Flickr Uses

Five-frame stories

Six-word Stories

Math Searches

Teaching Anatomy

Ewan McIntosh Using Flickr to Study Scottish Paintings

Splashr : a Flickr plug-in for presentations


23, An image-sharing site


lulu making books for free



Publish and store video and images; also has terrific tutorials



Image and video sharing



Create a voicebook




Image sharing site; make posters, books, online pages


Buzznet PhotoCommunication

Image sharing site



Share images no matter what language you speak



Lots of fun things to do with your images



Edit photos in your Web browser


Amateur Illustrator

Sharing illustrations, gallery and tips on effective illustrating



Free images and lots of helpful tips for visual webpage design



Turn your photos into comics



Make and share timelines



Make and share diagrams



Brainstorming Made Simple



Concept mapping



Making photoalbums to illustrate math (from Ewan McIntosh in Scotland)



Make customized images for blogs and presentations



Google Sketchup  Easy 3-D modeling






Map making and sharing tool

Example:  Black History Timeline



Map making and sharing tool--easy to use with Flickr



Easy to make and share maps



Create, share, explore, connect maps--great for group projects


Map Builder

Mash-up for Google and Yahoo maps


Community Walk

Creating paths--imagine using this in field work  or for tours of important community places


A Screencast by Jon Udell of Making a Walking Tour Using Google Maps


Astronomy Picture of the Day


Visual Pedagogy


Visual Literacy In Earth Science Classrooms


Barbara Ganley's Chapter for Coming of Age, Second Edition on Stories without Words 


Pomona College's Visual Literacy Project


Bryan Alexander's NITLE "Liberal Education" Blogpost on "Teaching and Learning with Flickr"



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